Since   1991,  we   United  Insulation   Industries  have been manufacturing,   virtually   every  kind   of  insulating  material  for  modern  Electrical, Electronics & Chemical industry segments United  Insulation    Industries has developed  entire range - polyster &  epoxy  resin  based,  fibre glass reinforced laminates, rods, tubes, moulded / machined  components. The   laminates   manufactured   using  specially  treated  fibreglass   fabrics  &  thermosetting   resins,  characterized   by  high  die  electric   strength,    excellent     mechanical    &    thermal    properties  in  accordance   with   ‘ERDA’.  Also our products suit for thermal class  ‘B’  ‘F’ & ‘H’  application. These  are made   to EP1 / EP2 / EP3  & UP1 / UP2  as  per   IS  :  10192 – 1982.
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